Your sense of taste and
other senses:

They ALL affect what
you "Taste"

   The human body is amazing! Our body gives us a variety of different methods to interact with the world we live in. We receive information from the world via our senses. Each sense is distinct and different. The five senses are:

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Hearing
  • Touch

   Each sense provides us different experiences. Two people can be in the same situation but based on what they sense, they will each experience something different. Everyone relies upon their senses differently and some of the senses may be more accurate than others. A simple example is how well somebody can hear. When a bird sings its tune, one person may enjoy the whistle and the person next to them may not notice it. Each experience we have is based upon what we receive from our senses. is dedicated to one particular sense ... Taste. The sense of taste teaches us flavors of food. We learn what things taste like so we can recognize what is good and bad for our body to ingest. With the variety of foods there are to eat and enjoy, it is not surprising that eating is one of our favorite things to do.

   Our senses all interact with each other and pass on information to our brain. Once received, our mind interprets everything and logs it away into memory. This process is what creates the individual experiences we enjoy.

   All of the senses can be tricked. This is also true with our sense of taste. Things taste differently when the other senses are gathering data. It is possible for our minds to get a preconceived notion about the food we are preparing to eat. Depending on what we sense, our mind determines whether the food will taste good or not, even before it is placed in our mouth. It is possible to overcome this notion, but it can be somewhat difficult. Have you ever had someone tell you something tastes nasty before you have had a chance to try it? Sure you can decide for yourself, but just getting that idea out of your head can be challenging.

   Take a look at the following pages which describe how our taste and other senses work together:

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